Take for example the BRCA one gene BRCA2 gene and the combination with the EGR to Genes be overall acceptance of microscopic criteria can be vast and compromised complicated when it comes to breast cancer and ovarian cancer the adaptation of different types of dendrites human equivalent of genes the adaptation of brain chemistry as well as body chemistry The application but genes in the brain make up the major part of the functioning level of organs of the body systems the application but genetics of the brain systems delegate where bloodflow is located where adaptations to body tissue is located where the cancer can collect where it is functional in the body through metastasis the application that the bloodstream carries the major load of The metastasized cancer the application that the brain delegates where that can’t so will be located to attached to other body systems the application that the brain knows the connective tissue to knows the quality of what areas are to be attacked by the cancer and knows subliminally the purpose of the cancer itself as it goes about his district of path within the body and brain systems the allocation that it can be reduced from a level of severity to a more manageable level the application of reduction in the form of treatment in the form of application to mathematical correlation with the cancer to combat the severity A correlation with holographic’s a correlation with geometry a correlation with math of the chemistry of the cancer the reduction in mutation rate the reduction in infection rate the reduction in metastasis into more formation in mutations and in malignancy


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