String theory particles continued

String theory particles continued
The adaptation of utilizing string theory different senses of reality to communicate with different areas through death through unconsciousness through Comas through blackouts through Minds easier to unconsciousness to sleep through dreams of utilizing string theory mathematics to communicate,communicate language or invoke information pictures data to certain inferences to retract and take information from those instances I had to create the quick scenario for teleportation of materials such as particles photons pixels to create the correct scenario for telepathy to thrive the adaptation that be over all aspects of communication would be across distances a crossed realities across different realms the distance traveled of space time traveled the reality of crossing boundaries as in string theory and the other patient that there could be a holographic inference to create the correct scenario for the overall aspect of communication of visuals of adaptations to particle theory which create be realistic affect of DNA RNA and the management of photons in the visualization of animation of subjects A B investigate if science which precludes and includes the justification of sparsely put particles to create the quick scenario for the investigation to occur for the accident or purposeful incident to happen and the overall appreciation that the overall subject would not be harmed but would be reanimated rejuvenated resuscitated at a proper given moment The fact that particles exist from the original person in evidence in DNA in footprints in collected works of photographs pixels the photons within those photographs the particles within those photographs can be duplicated reanimated and set in the pattern of self-assembly for the justification and repositioning of a living constituent reanimated add predisposed for action


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