Photographic purpose to preserve memories

If you took a photograph and you took the three-dimensional reconstruction of that photograph to reconstruct the images that photograph and you had it projected into holographic animation and you applied to the animation restructuring reanimation reconstruction rejuvenation and eventually resuscitation if you could take the particles from that photograph and formulate through bacteria through pheromones through microscopic particles the correct sequencing event for scaffolds for repair for stem cells to regenerate to apply to body systems as well as repair brain cells Purkinje fibers neuron sign-ups connections heart rate and respiratory rate the overall system resuscitation eventually would apply to a artificially intelligent being that has been reconstructed to apply to the situation the time period To which it was photographed in of information be it verbally scientifically or otherwise in a given format of reconstruction rehabilitation and regenerative science see documents on gestalt
See labroots documentation

Holographic data storage

Holographic data storage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ability to take a picture to turn the picture into a 3-D rendering of external and internal information the person being photographed having the characteristics of the image itself and placing that image onto a format of computerized robotic artificial intelligence and biological manifestation chemical composition and physic quantum mechanical computation and analysis and thereby resulting in the image itself being transferred to hologram that has the characteristics of the person being photographed the brain chemistry of the thought process the analytical all the senses and to transmit through that holographic medium information from that compilation of The memory and initialization of cloning the individual into holographic format the direct linkage to processes to bring chemistry to analysis of emotional behavior can be brought about by the scanning of the current information about the person the current whereabouts and leaking through sonar through radio waves to the intended route thereby correct picking and collecting information directly from that person it’s personality traits it’s information about internal mechanisms and thought processes the speech pattern the awareness the reflex action and determining the next cause of action by predicting and consulting with the reflex action that’s current and present The nervous system the thought patterns of brain chemistry all coinciding with the next available movement the next possible route the next possible thought pattern the next possible action word deed projection and thought analysis the relay to the futuristic control and management of intrinsic processes that involve investigations


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