The stabbing at North Albion high school the accident in the collector lanes the bombing of Iraq and Syria The acceptance of the fact what other people can have the football observance of Russian planes deployment in the Black Sea observance of Russia’s planes in the Arctic bombers intercept just said who has the football playing ball game of numbers players been cautioned against violence looking up the acceptance of the fact that bad but it can be pushed when it comes to personal space when it comes to S accepting the athletes such as football players are trained to react to stressful situations a train to react to situations under pressure trained physically to react to a stress a threat opposition that if physical reaction or a reflex action can be denoted as a violent one is acceptable on the field but there is A psychological difference with that reaction becomes public in a public forum at home or with people but do not except the fact that an athlete has been psychologically trained to react under those circumstances to certain pressures and stresses and reactions be it shelving sudden movements psychological pressure or even a slap or celebratory action almost concussions can occur yet PTSD is not even considered noise ADD ADHD or stress related anxiety when you place blame make sure you consider all the factors involved psychological induced reflex actions attitudes the fact that they are players and on the field they don’t like anyone getting into their face offence and defence yet celebrate a good tackle or touchdown with helmet contact and what is called contact? Bumping heads so since when under any circumstances I’m sitting on the fence I’m not taking one side or another but since when has anyone been able to contain or control the Hulk that situation a psychological advantage as been given to dominate over violent tendencies to become professionals and to adhere to policies of reaction: reflex positive action and of good attitude good mental framework happiness and overall superiority when it comes to situational changes to adjust to prevent harm and to act as a mentor


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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