Cpac11:30 October 8

The situation with the Taliban in Dubai the refusal to negotiate stalling tactics obviously covering up premeditated actions predetermine coordinates and potential dangers and hazards to the public the administration following of 130 people occupying Canadian and direct Syrian borders for the potential to fight for terrorist organizations the application of monitoring of calculating surveillance the potential for the overall aspect of all to strike for a combination of them to strike for individuals to strike the visits that the strike itself would be substantial of have direct implication on the public The problem being that the barriers but claimed are ones that provide for schooling support support for businesses support for Immigration add support for families as well as healthcare system and the legal system providing support that are not compliant to that cultural beliefs and thereby is not appreciated it the same way the admits that they consider the system to be corrupt fight against the court administration which is democratic receive the danger there in providing a haven for their building of intelligence activities surveillance and scope of Canadian political system identities at military might at their infrastructure of the bond between united states by allowing valuable information to be Transmitted and therefore quick create the scenario of a leakage of information the usage of cleaning universities and colleges businesses at infrastructure such as residential and commercial properties to send money indirectly to these organizations that support terrorism be at this should that be overall aspect of the jail system must be a permanent one in order for them to admit that the Canadian legal system is not a weak one that would eventually bring terrorists considered rehabilitated back into society thereby creating new stories documentaries and studies discussing whether or not the terrorists have been rebuilt ability to whether or not the danger still exist whether not the legal system is too lenient at in order not to have that discussion which would only lead to further activity we make the situation of jailing permanent until it can be figured out how to deal with their would be new found strategies


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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