Genetics bio markers gene expression

By looking at Gene expression how proteins are affected by certain genetic’s looking at the biomarkers for diseases and adhering to a policy of how a medication affects the body system how pharmacology affects the body how the body reacts to the medication what side effects could be involved in the administration of the drug and the application of the research in DNA RNA and protein coupling as well as the genetic biomarkers for disease and the elemental changes which occur in chemistry for the proliferation of Signalling then communication throughout the cells throughout the network of possibilities within the body of synthesis arrangements transfers translations and occurrences which consciously and Subconsciously provide healthy resource for homeostasis The signaling out of the specific protein interaction in the body the gene expression for that protein being a biomarker for the synthesis of creating the correct scenario for that Gene to function work to be nonfunctional in a mutational sense be aspect of the correct chemistry being formed the delegation of matters within the brain and body


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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