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The delegation of coinciding activities delegation of regular activities of immigrants due to schooling due to political adversary due to business due to family situation of immigration key areas of concern our jobs education and political affiliations as well as business all involving money’involving locale when it comes to the patriot act and delegations with United States affiliations with other countries web come undertows the top how will they deal with East Indian representation of Canada how old they deal with the fact that their country has been attacked by a minority of these countries from the Middle East and that there are now representing a foreign country in and forth that diplomatic ties between the USA and Europe and countries that have come under attack by minorities of radicals and have influenced shelf where the causation in those countries of homegrown terrorism how will they represent the United Nations the other countries in international trade what will become of the economy what will become of global trade what of the ties of the communities to terrorism through banking through monies procured secret accounts and the black market one of the whole homegrown terrorism attitude and what of the representation but international scale the comfort level of the United Nations and the overall representation of the populace of United States Canada and Europe now is not the time for Kevin to stand up for the diverse it T and claim abundant rights when it comes to representation by all parties the key issue here is that all parties should act to represent themselves to prove themselves at this point would be and not have Canada act as a shoulder to lean on or a universal umbrella that covers all races Canada should remain diverse but still recognize threats and recognize dangers 2.only their economy but the global economy as well as global trade global business and the functional effect it has on communities a trickle-down effect to the children and the overall aspect of looking at a problem and trying to solve it piece by piece


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