Crime terrorism and the public

Terrorism is not just a show of military might or of blowing up infrastructure the boka haram of kidnapped 200 schoolgirls of of claimed that they have converted to Islam and they’re not ready to get married this is modern-day slavery as best as The girls who would otherwise have to fight for their lives no I’m going to propagate not only babies but child soldiers as well as babies that have been advertised by Isys in the past on the flyers on the propaganda so that they can tell the United States and they have control from the early age be out of Tatian of the drug trade being prevalent in those areas with the smuggling undercover of real shipments The infiltration of shipping lanes of international trade mixed in with the black-market of smuggle drugs goods of alcohol The terrorist organizations using those drugs to quell to come to succumb victims to become leniently and compliant to their techniques and to comply to the sex trade to as which black market babies and sold intrude into slavery organizations that feed them propaganda and they become brainwashed to fight for it because witch is futile added has to leave out towards human compassion of not only interrogation but to comply to the rules i’m their way of life eventually the adaptation of looking at ways to induce others to commit heinous acts you have adaptation of the homegrown terrorism being head down from the main groups to foretells the deaths of soldiers of policemen of people in uniform of important individuals such as politicians the adaptation of death threats of the of the infatuation with be violent tendencies to overthrow a regime to overthrow a government to stand up to authority to have no respect for Country the flag the peace the unity. And of the price of oil price of gas skyrocketing until the oil fields are dealt with in a certain manner not permitting The old barons for the Middle East to trade property in their product there by not giving the chance for funds or monies to fall into terrorist organizations hands through loopholes in the banking system through indirect trade money is cut off of terrorism but otherwise they would’ve had a foothold then there’s a forced kidnappings the dumping of bodies in mass graves techniques known by Terrace to create fear to create an air of uncertainty of various regions The careful deliberation of others to watch for flashes of serial killers rages past and future present and for beheadings of any type they in the Western world or in Europe it could be also to spill or to create a scenario for biological or chemical warfare in certain situations to spread a toxin a virus or contagion over given area through the air the water through the food system and make us part of the population sick as to spread and become a epidemic we have ebola Enterovirus as possible links as would be underground labs in malaria polio and other diseases so you see in the situation how one hand washes the other with terrorist organizations with the Mafia with the gangs with the organized crime with the petty criminal with the drug smuggler although they be apart physically or not in communication their techniques give a do rise to organization as they are A lot more synchronized today because of GPS systems because of knowledge of the Internet and overall knowledge of situational changes about the globe they are more organized than before at their task of eliminating the population of creating a propaganda of mass hysteria


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