Berkley Legal Concept

Taking photography as a platform we introduce the camera mechanism as being adaptive to taking pictures the pictures being used and investigated microscopically to involve x-ray tomography an MRI potential for the discovery of microscopic particles photons in the photographs that involve pheromones add microscopic reproduction cells the outline of which microscopically is discovered through the dissection of the photograph to the involvement of the special camera that could take pictures to that extent the discovery of the photonics involved of investigation of whether or not the capture could entail a investigation of the particles in recovery through stem cells to adaptive means of investigation to create the correct scenario for those cells to become reanimated reproduced rejuvenated The resuscitation of those cells would include the progress report of the creation of a particle assimilation that creates a quick scenario for recovery of cardiac tissue circulatory systems brain systems respiratory and organ criteria and other body systems of importance such as lymphatic skeletal and muscular The recovery at the stage would still be in particle format of quantum physics and the response of the brain systems to computerize usage of questioning and support for the pictures mechanisms of information and prodding would then be revealed to show it working The memory the recall the remembering and would show the brain to be effective as being used and of use to the particle entity as a tool and as a creative learning implementation the communication device would be through computer rise Asian and display or verbal and design to create the quick scenario for we call a memory recollection the computer would support the mechanisms of remembering as long as needed until the entity becomes supportively cognizant conditioned the response rate would be variable according to the genetic makeup of the person DNA RNA pheromones reproductive cells stem cells scaffolds and the gestalt out of the person captured by fleeting moments of life shown by brain cells in the throes of death to teleportation a transfer of microscopic criteria the persons gestalt and personality is captured on biological film and related as a life-giving source through suspended animation is a chance for the transfer of information about what happened during the demise or accident or mishap in the conclusion of an investigation The biological film in this case would not only be life supportive but would prove to be a 3-D rendering of biological systems of particles that can be transferred to real to life situation true scaffolds of themselves self-assembly and the reproduction rate of reanimation of cells as well as the rate of change in scaffold restructuring and Rebuilding through stem cells and the collaboration of finding the correct sequence of events to produce a healing effect for virus ailment or illness in cloning mechanisms

recovery of particles through stem cells bing

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