The proliferation of the HER2 gene due to the subsequent protein expression in overexpression in malignant tumors the application of the gene in breast biopsies and histopathologic diagnoses are associated with the substantially increased risks of subsequent breast cancer the overexpression of the Gene generally occurs at the transition from hyperplasia to ductile carcinoma in situ recent studies have suggested that alterations including P 53 mutations loss of heterozygosity and microsatellite instability can be detected premalignant lesions of the breast application and benign breast disease and estimated risk of subsequent carcinoma based on genetic preturbation

So the genetics of the HER2 due to the management of overall effect of protein expression liberation due to subsequent microscopic criteria in the body being present and the manufacture of certain proteins the adaptation of of malignant tumors in breast biopsies diagnoses is due to carcinoma genetic precurser is situated itself as operable at times




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