The distinct notion that the overall effect of integration with microscopic criteria is the effect of biology and it’s intricate format of communication is signaling the effects of brain chemistry of the blood brain barrier HER as well as the effect of body systems of homeostasis the correct measurements of organ placement organ function and the circulatory and respiratory systems within the body to create the scenario for manifestations of digestive and of the system such as the fabric musculoskeletal of creates a correct scenario for the body to function at an optimum under minimally invasive surgery conditions The manifestation of the biological system control is due to foot but the mathematical construct is eminently large and it for that that has control over the physical substance of the body the purpose of the medical controls is to construct microscopic devices microscopic criteria that creates The correct scenario for transplantation for regeneration for rebirth for rejuvenation for reanimation of cells for the repair and sequencing of DNA what are the construction of molecular biology for the overall purpose of creating a dwelling point for the allocation to change is the mutation and the subsequent management of it there is with respect to the processes in place of the delegation of control systems in mathematics that can be applied as heads on implementation of changes be implemented in the mutation itself the calculus to of algebra of conic mapping The distinct notion that the physics behind the area of microscopic criteria is fast as format of changes that take place within photons being adapted to involve chemical processes such as signal you communication of the outpatient but bees chemical processes would change would switch positioning would change outlook but still remain consistent with the overall outcome being homeostasis in the body or acceptance of new norms new changes is placing the DNA and new nutations a biology new new molecular biology and the overall sequencing and repair to the physics of the photon of the qubit and the display of the different arrangements that could be made within the same well of a changing face of reality yet a consistency in the application over all of cellular transfer and the changes made in mitosis meiosis of apoptosis and then on to to homeostasis being cloning The chemistry of the microscopic criteria here being the adaptation to chemical controls systems the other patient to the management of signaling in communication within the brain chemistry of organic chemistry of the outpatient to DNA itself displacing the regeneration the outpatient in the blood brain barrier of the brain and the creation of new and intricate means of communication controls for the sign-ups collection for the ion potential measurement The measurement of mathematical controls in the sequences have to do with the patient of Hilbert space for your transform for your analysis of the allegation of geometry clinic mapping triangulation of the other patient to control systems over geometry algebra functions of the other patient of vectors in the sequencing of measurement as well as the application of quantum mechanics quantum algebra and eigenvalues…8780.38133.0.39046.…0…


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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