Collider sciences concepts

If the management of the Haldron collider can be utilized to permit the particles from the beginning of time to collaborate to form the known universe planets astroids moon stars the fixation would be to create a alternate universe with the habitation of finding life-sustaining planets in order of importance in order of jurisdiction from the suns The approach of a holographic Haldron collider being sent into outer space projected to permit the particle analysis of space and time planet formation in particle format and the jurisdiction of gravity of the aspect of bonding of the aspect of atmospheres of climate control The adaptation of bacteria and plant life of weather control of systematic flora and fauna and the specifics of characteristics of a habitable planet for the management of populations and growth in the near future

In attempt to demonstrate abilities the moon could be used to demonstrate suspended animation holographic’s and artificial atmospheres adaptation of a sustainable moon with life-giving properties of water of simulated atmosphere of the approach to the integration of plants and animals in a suspended animation supportive atmosphere format perhaps Mars


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