IHOP bacterial infections


The application of the mutated acetolactate synthase gene from rice as the selectable marker gene in the production of transgenic soybeans.

Tougou M, Yamagishi N, Furutani N, Kaku K, Shimizu T, Takahata Y, Sakai J, Kanematsu S, Hidaka S
National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region (NARCT), Morioka, Iwate, Japan. tougou@affrc.go.jp

We investigated selective culturing conditions for the production of transgenic soybeans. In this culturing system, we used the acetolactate synthase (ALS)-inhibiting herbicide-resistance gene derived from rice (Os-mALS gene) as a selectable marker gene instead of that derived from bacteria, which interfered with the cultivation and practical usage of transgenic crops. T(1) soybeans grown from one regenerated plant after selection of the ALS-targeting pyrimidinyl carboxy (PC) herbicide bispyribac-sodium (BS) exhibited herbicide resistance, and the introduction and expression of the Os-mALS gene were confirmed by genetic analysis. The selective culturing system promoted by BS herbicide, in which the Os-mALS gene was used as a selectable marker, was proved to be applicable to the production of transgenic soybeans, despite the appearance of escaped soybean plants that did not contain the Os-mALS transgene.

Plant Cell Rep. (2009)
PMID: 19219608 Fulltext – Related articles – Download citation

With the advent of offactory senses and the administration of rice as it is cooked and even the administration of the herbicide being present in the race at time of harvesting the administration of the herbicide would be into the body and creating the scenario for administration of the immune system reaction bacteria antibodies digestion seepage into the bloodstream circulation heart organs all areas infant if pregnant and development of fetus


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