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Longevity continued- Algorithms
Overall the utilization of a multifaceted approach to longevity involving organ replacement regenerative medicine tissue replacement blood transfusion overall adjustment of cognition levels brain food techniques helpline scaffolds stem cells regenerative tissue self assembly self reconstruction animation reanimation reconfiguration rejuvenation revitalization recuperation synthesis analysis of elements usage of pharmacology homeopathic remedies vitamins minerals supplements energetic consideration such as exercise weight training isometrics nutrition sleep habits good mental attitude focus Lifestyle living arrangements family and support systems environment locale culture ecosystems the distinct possibility of having to yours from the ocean from localities that support nature from this thing possibilities created genetically by science from foreign bodies such as meeting yours moon and from bacterial manifestations grown in labs the distinct possibilities of deep-sea life the remedies of animals that live in toxic environments that immune system and of antibodies from lab animals that are used to treat human disease in vivo in vitro the distinct possibility of having treatments for stroke heart disease cancer as well as diabetes uses your stem cells as a creative tool along with the mathematical equations that distinguish the stem cells in their characteristics the usage of physics formulas to determine the placement of the stem cells the movement the translation in Perhaps Wave partial Duality-in the movement of the signals to the cells in the movement of the cells themselves in the transference from meiosis to mitosis from a lifecycle to apoptosis rejuvenation the application of synthetic from natural from metallic from inorganic from organic the application of physics formulas for the duration of the speed the distance the time the acceleration of the particles involve be distinguish meant of metastasis of movement of mutations positive and negative the duration of change the application of graphing in 3-Cartesian mapping to show the dexterity to show the differentiation the conformity within a body of anatomy the appreciation of different types of math mathematical in for the duration such as conic mapping but as triangulation touches the Pythagorean theorem such as the distinct notion that geometry and strength very would be involved with the aspect of holograms The realization that the genetic molecular and cellular functions and have priority when it comes to the preferably proliferation of healthy tissue healthy cells blood transfusions and the overall effect of the immune system on the body with respect to not rejecting any new tissue or new organs as they would be grown from the lab from cultures of the persons stem cells patient would be re-creating within his own means his or her own means the constituents of the new longevity effortSee Less

6 months ago
Project names is resuscitation this is the Post Mortem the aim of the project is regeneration the performance against goals for the goal you state your original goals are goals of projects to resuscitate rejuvenate reanimate to life to a state of viable communication- goal Actual- The resuscitation reanimation and rejuvenation of cells in there microscopic format the resuscitation of comatose patients the resuscitation of unclog just patients of patients with heart stoppage of patients with viral infections the rejuvenation of cells in the body…
Plan The organization of a system of monitoring the overall aspect of microscopic criteria when it comes to near death and death situations be at the acknowledgment that the brain is still working the brain is still functioning out of my new level the aspect of regeneration of brain cells of restarting of cardiac capabilities and the overall aspect of the distal out or personality of the person being translated to a supportive medium the adaptation of creating the quick scenario for a transfer of life-giving properties and get stock to a more suitable supportive aspect of survival A supportive medium such a suspended animation be aspect of the plan to transfer what is left of the body system to a supportive regenerative format of particles of biology of bacteria of photons of pixels of pheromones of stem cells of rehabilitative medicine of reproductive medicine with the aspect of resuscitation in mind eventually the aspect of utilizing a plan actual the adaptation of The plan being realize the importance of investigative crime scenes the importance of investigating suspicious death of natural baths of the resuscitation of individuals near death and be glad to create the correct scenario for rejuvenation performance against quality The goal for the project is to provide a medium for communication between postmortem individuals near death individuals sleeping individuals unconscious individuals and their support of mechanisms or their support of doctors or caregivers the actualization that a communication could be crucial at any point The reality that there has been a bone in the aspect of mental telepathy and mental control a calming effect over brain systems a use of mental capabilities to move objects to communicate to computer to utilize components objects performance against budget budget state original quality goals for the project list key cost goals expenditure limits the aspect of utilizing a camera system would cost amount of a professional camera system which can run from $5000 up the aspect of utilizing a special type of film to fit the camera with particle exposure with particle assimilation to present a miniature system or a full-size system according to plan of holograms the aspect of utilizing a distinct transfer of elements of microscopic criteria to be suspended animation format the cost of the holograms the cost of the integration of particles with the hologram be expenditure would be in the millions of dollars the actual cost expenditures to summarize what really happened in relationship to the budget would be listing the progress of Giza goals and limits which in this destruction would be approximately the cost of building new equipment to formulate plans for transfer of medically related information and successful integration of analytical measures for the overall success of the investigation postmortem by department Forensics Gary skeete was responsible for the original plans the responsibility follow up on the shoulders of four and six of medicine of law to determine the correct side of sequences in place for the determination of findings along that route whether or not the operation was successful or whether or not be set department in vestigations department coronary Science resuscitation department rehabilitation department regeneration regenerative medicine surgery rehabilitation minimally invasive medicine
The collaberation of medical entities to produce a viable product is responsible for the various functions that will be relevant to the user and have effect on the consumer. Therefore it is essential that needed requirements be met in the assigned areas and that the purpose of the medical equipment be certain. not to fall below the standards set by various commissions and to infact lead the way in implementing many of the modern techniques and inventions the innovation will be marked as a turning point as coexisting fields merge.


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