U of T head trauma

Background : Earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters that threaten human lives. Worldwide more than 3 million deaths have been caused by earthquakes in recent 20 years. Aim : To analyze clinical features of head injuries after Sichuan earthquake. Materials and Methods : From May 12 to June 12, 2008, Departments of Neurosurgery in major Hospitals in Sichuan Province admitted 1368 patients with head injuries caused by the Sichuan earthquake; the epidemiology, mechanism, severity, complications, treatments and outcome of head injury were retrospectively analyzed. Results : Of the 1368 patients, 755 were men and 613 women. Collapsing building was the most important cause of head injury. Most of the patients, 85% had mild to moderate head injury. The type of injury was open scalp injury in 65% of patients. About 47% of the head-injured patients were admitted within 72 h after earthquake. Skeletal bone fracture was the most common associated injury (9%). Only 98 patients received surgery. Glasgow Outcome Scale on discharge or transfer was: 5 in 1121 (82%) patients, 4 in 173 (13%) patients, and 3 or less in 74 (5%) patients. Overall 33 (2%) patients died. Conclusions : The characteristics of Sichuan earthquake-related head injury are quite distinct. Early standardized treatment is important to have better outcomes.


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