See technology base berkley legal ashworth medicine

Paediatrics and Gerontology Geriatrics the meditation of looking at the system of medications of the measures of allocations to surgeries to treatments in pediatrics in obstetrics in the aspect of care for children care for babies care for infants and preventative measures for diseases complications comorbidities of mutations due to cancer the adaptation of looking at the court relationship between the number of years that pass at the co relationship between paediatrics and Gerontology and geriatrics the aspect of the aging human the aspect of the aging population the aspect of the aging infant be look at the types of inoculations injections and medications being used in that process of life-sustaining anti aging longevity with quality of life A look at the relationship between age reversal age management and the court relationship between pediatrics at geriatrics geriatrics leading to a pediatric outcome with adaptations to modern-day technology with adaptations to call relationships between certain types of physical movement certain types of brain activity and the adaptation to want to survive the correlation between certain types of technology and the relationship of rehabilitation reconstruction regenerative biology and reproduction cloning

Children from birth at the time of immunization given correct characteristics for the longevity of the infant for the reversal of age processes in time to revert back to infancy eventually through telomerase production adaptations exercise and nutrition sleep and good mental health and for the collaboration of anti-aging anticancer anti-gestational diseasesThe inoculation process the immunization process should take place coinciding with modern day diseases Coinciding with futuristic problems that may occur preventative measures and the prediction of health as an adult physical abilities and the process of reproduction stem cells adaptations proliferation reduction of adult stem cells to preform efficiently reduction in aging

joining schools communities technologies and cultures in an actual circle of life

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