Research june4 2015

Diabetes high blood pressure kidney disease heart failure lung disease mental health. 60% of healthcare spending in Canada.The advent of diabetes being the synthetic manipulation and management of cells be replacement parts of organelles be regenerative biology involved in the sugar processing transport system be advent of the insulin producing system and cells the advent of the production of stem cells for insulin production the advent of multiplying cells to produce insulin to also provide pores for the glucose transport systems but of high blood pressure being regulated by exercise by walking by weight training by detox and by methods of healthy eating good sleep habits and preventative medicinekidney disease being looked at as the main cause of kidney failure in adults and children looking at dialysis looking at be flushing of the kidneyslooking at medicines which could be used to ensure the health of the kidneys targeted medications genetic applications to ensure the longevity and health of the kidney from birth and the application of nanotechnology in the form of nano medicine and nano surgeries The aspect of heart disease cardiology we generative biology according to be regenerative capabilities of the zebrafish be application for human genetics to adhere to care repairing heart regeneration heart recovery heart repair lung disease the aspect of respiratory failure the aspect of infection of alveoli of the purpose for the set scaffolding be self regeneration the self assembly of lung tissue of Alveoli of the bronchial tube regeneration The aspect of looking at the trigger factors for mental health disease such as smoking liquor drugs poor diet lack of exercise lack of focus lack of structure lack of guidance poor choices lack of vision in the sense of futuristic aspirations lack of education physical cravings genetic hierarchy of addiction

The application of stem cells of particle physics due to suspended animation of reproductive cells of regenerative biology of scaffolds of self-assembly of the aspect of photography as a medium involving microscopic cells microscopic criteria for the application of cellular technologies of particle physics in suspended animation sequence to create the creek scenario for holographic storage for the application of life-sustaining animation and the overall aspect of coordinating 3-D graphing in biology mathematics physics chemistry and coordinating the outcome to be visual live holographic resuscitated and productive with regenerated cognition new cells due to stem cells and abilities of gestalt and memory as well as genetic reconstructionsThe proliferation of the genetic code in aspects of self-assembly constitutes the genetics to function as a gas corresponding and coordinating to solid formation in the form of a gene an additive to microscopic particles criteria and particle physics adaptation in regenerative biology scaffolds reconstruction repair The spectrum of computerized configuration for the management of memory systems a locate a ask and refer and a logarithm for the connectivity to memory recall and cognition The aspect of human interaction to helium gas being used to correlate to the function of the particles being assembled the aspect of the blossoming of Arabidopsis as a basis for particle self assembly and scaffolding stem cells to be useful in proliferation of tendencies to link and have function The aspect of anti-aging techniques of regenerative qualities to reduce the age differential to reduce the apoptosis in cells to reduce the telomere shortening and to reduce the overall stressThe ability for the structure of the photography to have form and function with the microscopic criteria involved in analysis diagnosis and usage of abilities to observe to coincide with quantum physics to coincide with medical consistencies by coinciding with display with function and form of inner correlation of animation and consistency of detail in self-assembly in the structure of photo illustration


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