U of T Alendronate

The effect of metyrosine/prednisolone combination to oophorectomy-induced osteoporosis
Suleyman Salman; Serkan Kumbasar; Ahmet Hacimuftuoglu; Berna Ozturk; Bedri Seven; Beyzagul Polat; Cemal Gundogdu; Elif Demirci; Kadir Yildirim; Fatih Akcay; Turan Uslu; Ferrah Tuncel Daloglu; Halis Suleyman
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Research and Clinical Center for Infertility, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences of Yazd
Background: Osteoporosis is a chronic disease characterized by a decrease in bone mineral density (BMD) and corruption of the microarchitectural structure of bone tissue. Objective: It was investigated whether methylprednisolone had a favorable effect on osteoporotic bone tissue in Oophorectomy induced osteoporotic rats whose endogenous adrenaline levels are suppressed with metyrosine. Materials and Methods: Bone Mineral Density, number of osteoblast-osteoclast, bone osteocalcin levels and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) measurements were performed. Obtained results were compared with that of alendronate. Results: Oophorectomy induced osteoporosis was exacerbated by methylprednisolone. Alentronate prevented ovariectomised induced osteoporosis, but it couldn’t prevent methylprednisolone +ovariectomised induced osteoporosis in rats. Conclusion: Combined treatment with methylprednisolon and metyrosine was the best treatment for preventing osteoporosis but metyrosine alone couldn’t prevent osteoporosis in ovariectomised rats.
Ovariectomy.; Alendronate; Methylprednisolon; Metyrosine; Osteoporosis

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