Research continuation

Resuscitation using the platform of photography to encompass a goal of looking at particle physics for the adaptation to transferring over from comatose or unconscious or sleeping ornear death experience to utilizing the proper methods and controls to consider the allocation of a healing technique in the form of utilizingmethods of suspended animation and particle physics to create the quick scenario for suspension of life for artificial suspension for allocation to brain techniques of intelligence and memory you have a Tendency of resuscitation of cardiac tissue of techniques of resuscitation due to the combination of therapy is used to create the quick scenario for revivalThe allocation of techniques due to the tree of life concept should be combination of therapies use around the world to create the quick scenario for a medication a combine therapy of world products to create the quick scenario for brain food for the healing brain also the adaptation of computerized visual Avenue adaptation of the tree of life could be used for visual reference for intelligence for IQ for purposes of remembering techniques of memory of cognition of sense of control and direction adaptation of thehealing scenario for outside the creation of brain tissue to scaffold stem cells the adaptation of repairing tissue has been damage from Alzheimers of repairing brain swelling from trimming the brain in a surgical holographic sense to glioblastoma the adaptation of relieving pressure from locations of cancer the mathematical coronation of relating Hilbert space to a spot on a three dimensional graph that is external in a hologram of the body taken by biological film from the photography platform and transferred over to a nano technology application of medications at preferred cures to create the correct scenario forThe healing of cancers the healing of HIV of the adaptation for MS ALS Autism prevention of metastasis be control over malignancy the proper controls over mutations and the dissipation and dissolve month of tumors the control over comorbiditiesbeatification of techniques of consideration be adaptation of looking at the mathematical correlation as applied techniques in considerations of taking a person with head trauma and transferring through holographic sequence a method of control and adaptation to surgery to create the quick scenario for a healing effect to take place by lessening the pain throughanesthetics and utilizing a noninvasive method to operate on the brain by holographic’s by teleportation and to the techniques ofmagnetism as well as lasers and techniques of control methods over photonics and envelopment into holograms of calming effects on the brain less pain less swelling eradication of diseases of utilizing a method of control over such techniques as biological film as an external source utilizing an external pancreas utilizing an external immune system healing techniques taking place within the gut within the stomach for healing techniques to take place in vitro with treatments allocated to treat the ailment and then replaced by biological film back into the body they needed nutrients and additives teleported back into the body under suspended animation treated with nanotechnology nano medicine and particle physics


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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