Multiple Sclerosis research continued

Multiple sclerosis the plotting of a graph of a ball moving along and axis or a line contributing to graphical analysis of geometry within the brain to correct sequences from nanotechnology to stem cells of correct sequencing for myelin sheaths to be restored with scaffolds and techniques of self assembly due to stem cell integration replication and transcription eventually translation and cloning to reproduce the covering alongside this would be the complementary immune system be coexistence of immunity that is compatible with the properties of the myelin sheathing with genetic combinations to solidify the connections through signalling and communication the immune system should recognize the new sheaths as natural healthy entities and not attack to destroy them only strengthen their involvementThe corresponding spinal cord cells should be reconstructed repaired rejuvenated regenerated and reanimated to heal the damage The correlation of a noninvasive surgery should be holographic with the adaptation of magnetism lasers and photonics alongside the noninvasive method of integrated holographic to lift the internal 3d mathematical Cartesian mapping in biological film to correct and counteract sequences due to proper pharmacology stem cell integration and compatibility in immune response magnetism sonar photonics laser mathematics photography holograms biological film suspended animation particle physics techniques of healing translated to holographic implementation Concept- insight into Parkinson’s for application usage of holographic biological filmwith the holographic surgeries one should be able to input the 3-D holographic’s into the patient uploading the information onto illustration to be put on display on the computer to be analyzedand configured to the correct form of pharmacology needed to to be implemented be different types of medications used the most probable outcome of the combination of medications and the most preferred treatment assessed by mathematics physics chemistry and biology for the best outcome implementing strategies and seeing the outcome placing the newly healed version of holographic so into the body system and applying the logic to heal and implement treatment


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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