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Gene Association Studies of Schizophrenia and Tardive Dyskinesia
Clement Zai
James Kennedy
Medical Science
Schizophrenia Genetics; Pharmacogenetics; Tardive Dyskinesia; Dopamine; GABA
Issue Date:
Abstract (summary):
Schizophrenia (SCZ) is a severe neuropsychiatric disorder with a genetic component. Most candidate gene association studies have given mixed results. We investigated the GABAA receptor gamma2 subunit gene GABRG2, the dopamine receptor gene DRD3, and the Brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene BDNF that is required for D3 expression by genotyping polymorphisms spanning and surrounding these genes for association with SCZ, as well as suicidal behaviour. We also examined the BDNF, DRD3, as well as the dopamine receptor gene DRD2 and Protein Kinase B gene AKT1 for association with Tardive Dyskinesia (TD), a potentially irreversible motor side effect of long-term antipsychotic medication. Our analysis included single-marker tests, haplotype tests, and gene-gene interactions. We found a haplotype in the 5’ region of GABRG2 to be associated with SCZ in both families and matched case-control samples. We also found two synonymous DRD2 polymorphisms, rs6275 (C939T) and rs6277 (C957T), and their haplotypes, as well as a polymorphism 5’ of DRD3, rs905568, to be associated with TD. Further, we reviewed two putative functional DRD2 polymorphisms, -141C Ins/Del and TaqIA, in TD and found TaqIA 3’ of the gene to be associated with TD in a meta-analysis. Lastly, we found a significant interaction between AKT1 rs3730358 and DRD2 C939T in TD. Though replication studies are required, these results contribute to the future development of genetic tests to assess for the risks of SCZ and TD, leading to better outcome for patients suffering from these debilitating conditions.

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