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A distinct Y-STR haplotype for Amelogenin negative males characterized by a large Y(p)11.2 (DYS458-MSY1-AMEL-Y) deletion.

Chang YM, Perumal R, Keat PY, Yong RY, Kuehn DL, Burgoyne L
Forensic DNA Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. ymchang@kimia.gov.my

The use of STR multiplexes with the incorporated gender marker Amelogenin is common practice in forensic DNA analysis. However, when a known male sample shows a dropout of the Amelogenin Y-allele, the STR system falsely genotypes it as a female. To date, our laboratory has observed 18 such cases: 12 from our Y-STR database and six from casework. A study on 980 male individuals in the Malaysian population using the AmpFlSTR Y-filer has revealed a distinct Y-chromosome [?] haplotype associated with the Amelogenin nulls. Our results showed that whilst the Amelogenin nulls were noticeably absent among the Chinese, both the Indians and Malays exhibited such mutations at 3.2 and 0.6%, respectively. It was also found that the Amelogenin negative individuals predominantly belonged to the J2e lineage, suggesting the possibility of a common ancestor for at least some of these chromosomes. The null frequencies showed concordance with the data published in Chang et al. [Higher failures of Amelogenin sex test in an Indian population group, J. Forensic Sci. 48 (2003) 1309-1313] on a smaller Malaysian population of 338 males which used a Y-STR triplex. In the current study, apart from the absence of the Amelogenin Y-locus, a complete absence of the DYS458 locus in all the nulls was also observed. This study together with the 2003 study has indicated a similar deletion region exists on the Y(p)11.2 band in all the 18 Y-chromosomes. Using bioinformatics, this deletion has been mapped to a region of at least 1.13 Mb on the Y(p)11.2 encompassing the Amelogenin, MSY1 minisatellite and DYS458 locus. Further, the Y-filer haplotypes revealed an additional null at Y-GATA H4 in two of the Indian males presented here.

Forensic Sci. Int. (2007)
PMID: 16765004


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