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Riboflavin Transporters and Breast Cancer Resistance Protein: Cimetidine-Riboflavin Interactions in the Mammary Gland
Liana Dedina
Ito, Shinya
Pharmacology; Toxicology; Riboflavin; Cimetidine; Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP); Riboflavin transporters; Breast milk; Mammary Gland; Lactation
Issue Date:
Abstract (summary):
Mother’s milk provides multiple benefits to the offspring. However, xenobiotics transferred into breast milk may pose a risk to the nursing infant. The breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) actively transports xenobiotics into breast milk. BCRP also transports nutrients, like riboflavin, and together with recently identified riboflavin transporters (RFT), may provide a mechanism for riboflavin secretion into breast milk. Expression of RFT in the mammary gland remained unknown. Our objective was to characterize Bcrp and Rft mRNA expression in the mammary gland of FVB/N mice, and investigate a strategy to decrease excretion of BCRP-transported xenobiotics into the milk using riboflavin intervention. Rft and Bcrp mRNA were upregulated in the mammary gland of lactating mice. An intravenous riboflavin administration significantly reduced the levels of BCRP-transported cimetidine in milk. This study demonstrates the use of riboflavin to exploit the function of mammary BCRP in order to reduce xenobiotic secretion into breast milk.


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