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Relationship between antimicrobial therapy and scar formation in urinary tract infection in children
M Akhavan Sepahi; SR Reeiskarami; M Sharifian; A Heidari
Issue Date:
Tehran University of Medical Sciences Press
Background: Urinary infection is known as one of the most common bacterial infection in children. Punctual diagnosis and treatment along with the diagnosis of risk factors and long-term follow-up of the patients suffering from urinary infection are the most important factors in order to prevent scar formation in kidneys. This study was carried out in order to analyze time difference among symptoms onset and the start of urinary infection treatment and it has relation with scar formation in kidneys. Methods: This study was done by (Historical cohort ) method on 120 patients they were divided into 2 groups of 60. The treatment was started on time for the first group but for the second with delay. All of the patient suffered from urinary infection and they were DMSA scaned after six months. The scar formation amount in kidneys was compared in two groups and the results were analyzed by SPSS software. Finding: The result showed that 75% of the girls and 25% of the boys out of 120 infected children, suffered from urinary infection. No obvious relation between the scar formation appearance, parents social level and children genders was found. A meaningful relation was found between treatment delay and scar formation in kidney due to urinary infection (RR= 3, CI = 1.4–6.5). The Minimum And Maximum delay time in this treatment were 1 and 21 days respectively. The average of delay time between symptoms onset and treatment start has been 4.8 days. Based on this research, the delay time in treatment more than 6 days may cause kidney scar formation twice as much (RR=2.15, CI=1.1- 4.6). Conclusion: Scar formation risk increase with delay in antimicrobial therapy in UTI. It is strongly recommended to diagnose and begin the treatment as soon as possible to prevent kidney damage properly.
Kidney; DMSA Scan; Scar formation; Prognosis; Children; UTI

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