Epigenetics an overview of previous posts

First introducing methylation and the versatile effects of x inactivation the approach to genetics to epigenetic’s and changing genes to suit worthwhile purpose introduced to various aspects of Gene modification and also shown BORIS a possibility for a deference for cancer treatment because of it’s indifference with this in mind comes the aspect of conceptual creation The aspect of creating within a purpose a new theory for the creation of new methods new machines new equipment new terminology new prototype New treatment new possibilities for the aspect of creating new technology for the purpose of conducting epigenetic trials experiments and methodology to create within itself a possible alternative for the existing treatments to show more collaboration more content continuity more elaboration more connectivity and cohesion more adaptability where the creation of a new type of equipment that is more compatible to the existing management for epigenetic’s The reaction of X inactivation of reactivation of modification of methylation of the alterations in epigenetic’s to resort to skills allotted to sonics to wavelengths in physics and mathematics to the dynamics of radiotherapy The dynamics of sonar of photonics of the application to non-invasive surgeries such as holograms mix with particle physics and animation but distinct patterns of creativity when it comes to mathematics and the applications put forth the distinct notion that the wage and given for an formula given for a patient laying on his side on his back or on his front gives rise to the avid notion that be particles involved or the microscopic criteria involved in the overall schematics of operations have to do with the distribution throughout the body there by the back but it would include a scope add general radius of certain areas a distribution of area add a distinct purpose involved it the consistency the movement of the duration as well as forces involved be matter and be speed direct acceleration be continuum of creativity involves microscopic and sub molecular criteria involved involved in molecular biology genetics and cellular biology be techniques used in the distinct notion that be creativity would be sound and have merit what evolved a submersion in certain fluids gels to create electrical conductivity as well as provide cushion and comfort as well as provide a standard of excellence when it comes to weightlessness as well as provide a buffer for viral entities not to thrive a distinct possibility for air support with nano medicine and regaling of consciousness perhaps a suit which inflates that contains the gel or fluid or a actual submersion in the tub or pool containing the gel or fluid or a application of a rub or balm that expands into needed proportions aerospace aviation football rugby martial arts boxing diving military race car firefighter police ambulance etcetera safety gel crash proof special mixture for people with allergies etcetera nano dots containing expansion gel nanomedicine conductivity anti virus flame retardant


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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