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The collaboration between the sciences do you look up the genetic protocol of the aspect of AMPK The aspect of the RAS correlation all the way to corresponding elements genes proteins to currently subscibe indirecly to mTOR the correlation being the corresponding connection of the ligand The adaptation of CD4 and the other CD family enabling the T cells that enable and disable the mechanisms for tumours to grow the aspect of tumour regulation metastasis malignancy expectancy of nutation the aspect of auto phage the dissolving techniques being suggested in the dissipation of tumours by apoptosis and the usage of those same T cells to misfire by cancer cells in their profiliation also tumour necrosis factor
With respect to gliomas glioblastoma brain tumors headaches and migraines the aspect of amino acids and proteins being utilized to treat tumor types to treat these conditions to do with tumor manifestations in the brain the aspect of amino acids and proteins being introduced as targeting drugs to fight the affliction
The adaptation of ginger lemon cucumber and mint leaves to combat the aspect of this function of the digestive system and intestinal the aspect of utilizing the combination to formulate plans for treatments due to leverage gained by the ingestion of these natural sources see plant science 
Utilizing virtual reality spectral analysis of the aspect of combining the elements of particle analysis with holographic's to formulate plans for a medium of suspended animation to formulate plans for the continuation of life in perpetuity after demise yeah aspect of induce apoptosis by benefits of planned attack of anti-bodies on antigens leading to the linkage with the viral entity add the corresponding cancer cell recognition by the immune system immune agents the immune system representing it self as a cancer fighting drug bearing entity at the aspect of induced autophagy
Due to realization of calculated mathematics in this case to formulate plans for a automated cancer stoppage with respect to virtual reality the aspect of fractal geometry and the correlation to various stages of cancer being down staged the aspect of the profiliation of spectral analysis due to the combating of tumor growth looking for the mathematical correlation to the sound techniques in growth of natural cell signalling and communication in the aspect of DNA RNA translation and the wavelengths of sonar and sonic wave peaks crests measurements and corresponding dot matrix which can be correlated to form in each individual dot a placement for shape conformed applications of practical mathematics and physics as applied to biology and chemistry

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