Serious inquiries only

Dear Sir/Madame

 this short letter is for the purpose of introduction of Kyoei Steel as an Option to your company/factory/business for the purpose of import or export as the company’s representative please include my name as reference in all future correspondence of relevance.
Thank you
Gary Skeete


Thank you for your interest in learning about our company and the contract proposal. KYOEI STEEL CO., LTD. is a corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It was formed in 2002. KYOEI STEEL CO., LTD main business is steel production. It also engages in engineering, ship building, real-estate redevelopment, and LSi business. KYOEI employs 51,688 people and markets its products worldwide. We have also introduced into our range several new products that are expected to make a significant impact on steel markets.

The last couple of years have seen outstanding development in our Steel business through collaboration with a very reliable partner.

In addition to the conventional business lines, we import-export Steel, Flat steel products, Long steel product, Wire products, Plates.

We have two categories of partnership available, namely:

• Individual Partnership: This is for reliable persons/Individuals.

• Corporate Partnership: This is for company owners who wish to register their company with us to represent our interest.


Please provide us with the following information in an email for registration purpose only.

Individual Partnership Registration Form

Full Name:




Name of Employer:

Office Address:

Corporate Partnership Registration Form

Company Name:



Company Registration Number:

Date of Establishment:

Business Type:

Contact Person

Position Held


Upon receipt of the above information, your application shall be processed and we will promptly advise you


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