In response to the direction from the Oval Office to correspond to military Might army maneuvers military tactics boots on the ground flyovers bombing raids The application of the armies response to the terrorist attack is a usual response of military might therefore it is an expected response The application of the expected response being met with retaliation through prediction through planning to plotting through ensnaring there by the military might falls into what is determined to be a pre-meditated trap of either decision either disengagement experiments should distraction or tactics used to destroy or to me is very clever at picking a time and place for attention-getting the allocation of The aspect of knowing that the split second decision of utilizing technology it indicates superimposing upon the systems analysis committee of an ending too many aspects of societies threats crime slavery threats Terrorism hatred disjointed and disapproved of techniques of dealing with situations
The fact is the matter could be resolved in a matter of seconds with the usage of quantum cryptography that be method of relay could be conceptualized to match weaponry to match brain waves to match DNA to match adrenaline flow to patch in different technologies such as MRIs x-rays and sonograms blood types genetics sonar locators vehicles technology to get a compatible DNA match of the enemy
And with that much comes the responsibility of doing that at the press of a button the enemy could either be another leave it can be put to sleep to be annihilated to be immobilized to be manipulated in the fashion that renders them helpless in the state of confusion and thereby to be captured and dealt with at will
The selection pattern of extremists would be narrowed down to the most dangerous 100 at a time to be exact and precise with calculations of when and where to deploy the technology that would render them helpless and able to be picked up by commando units for the next stage-curing psychopathy

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