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Thanks for signing the petition telling Congress that diabetes needs to be a national priority. We are so close to our goal of bringing 50,000 signatures to Congress next week.

Forward New York running back Rashad Jennings’ moving story, below, to family and friends to let them know that you signed the petition and are asking them to join you.

Then share the petition on your Facebook and Twitter to help us spread the word.

Thanks for helping us reach the end zone! Together, we will Stop Diabetes®.

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Joe Franco
Vice President, Grassroots & Internal Advocacy
American Diabetes Association

FW: Tackle Diabetes with NY Player Rashad Jennings

Dear Gary,
Rashad Jennings NY Running Back
Rashad Jennings, New York running
back & Diabetes Ambassador

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My relationship with diabetes is deeply-rooted and close to my heart. It stems from the most important thing in my life: my family. Diabetes didn’t just take my father’s legs; it gave my family and me a new perspective on life. When I run for a touchdown, I run for my dad and the yards he can no longer run.
Because of my dad, I’m joining other professional football players and diabetes advocates in just a few days to tell Congress about how important it is to support diabetes research and programs.


We need your help! We want to have 50,000 signatures on the Stop Diabetes® petition to show Congress that people across the country care about diabetes. But we’re going to Congress soon and we’re short of this goal. Will you add your name today?

30 million Americans live with diabetes and 86 million more have prediabetes. And with every American who develops diabetes, another person faces terrible life-threatening complications.

After signing the petition, help us reach our goal by emailing the petition to your friends and family, and post it on your Facebook and Twitter.

Counting on your support!

Rashad Jennings
Diabetes Ambassador
American Diabetes Association

P.S. It takes just a few seconds to sign the petition. Click here to add your name.
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