Vetrens Canada concepts research

Armed Forces Canada the distinction between looking at teleportation for the usage of time reversal in medicine to reverse effects of amputations missing limbs a time reversal surgery to replace body parts
The allocation of a system of regenerative biology for the replacement body parts do to body parts grown in a lab with specific DNA parameters that make it conceivable and a kin to the patient compatibility
The ability to replace body parts by limb regrowth a look at the salamander a look at zebrafish a look at the jellyfish for replacement parts eventually to regrowth of limbs a look at powder produced by science to replace fingers Toes regrowth of limbs
If these methods you not prove prove effective the surgery involving the splicing and replacement of bone and tissue to strengthen the existing remaining part that could be a link to a surgery for a joining of a new leg or body part to be spliced upon what is left of the existing to be built up by scaffolds and strengthened Marrow to replace body parts surgically grown in the lab that are compatible would not require long-term medication for upkeep and require rehabilitation to learn to walk again functioning arms and legs a computer hand to eye coordination as well as techniques of mind control and mind management to control artificial limbs to control different aspects
Usage of technology such as the search method to find missing persons a DNA search mechanism along with sonar heat detection infra red and sonics frequencies and echo location but a key element in the location of disabled veterans The location being the whereabouts of the veteran also be DNA make up of the veteran proving disability and enabling be veteran to qualify for benefits without stipulations of paperwork as proof and evidence would be computerized automatically
Looking at the problems of many veterans to overcome the paperwork needed aspiration of a key or a fob USB key that contains all necessary paperwork but can be related automatically to the computer there by transferring and translating all needed information automatically downloaded by verbal command to the fog transferred automatically to all forms computerized and printed out
The issue here is the replacement of the limbs did moulding certain abilities but not denying disability be a location being that the veteran would keep his or her pension the recognition of the service rendered and the sacrifice given


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