U of T HIV and Tuberculosis


Links to document creating the passageway for tumor necrosis factor to be evident and to have a coalignment with the treatment mechanisms for proposed treatment of HIV and tuberculosis the mechanisms involved in microscopic criteria are analyzed and have form and function in the proliferation of the disease thereby creating the intrinsic  structure for treatment and analysis for the prevention and Possible cure of the disease the genetics involve be mathematics involved be calculated abilities of the proteins involved in the manufacture of the disease of the prevention of Genetic causes of  tendencies of the disease by blockage of certain types of epigenetics involved in the manufacture of DNA and RNA specific to the traits of the disease

AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2005 Apr;19(4):212-5.
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels in patients with HIV with wasting in South Asia.
Wig N1, Anupama P, Singh S, Handa R, Aggarwal P, Dwivedi SN, Jailkhani BL, Wali JP.
Author information
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha is thought to play an important role in wasting; but TNF-alpha levels have not been consistently found to be high in AIDS wasting. We conducted this study to determine any correlation between TNF-alpha levels and wasting in HIV-positive patients in a developing country. TNF-alpha levels were measured in four groups of patients: Group 1, HIV/AIDS with wasting (n = 25); group 2, HIV/AIDS without wasting (n = 47); group 3, HIV-negative patients with tuberculosis with wasting (n = 25); and group 4, healthy controls (n = 25). Wasting was defined as a body bass index (BMI) </=16.0 kg/m(2). TNF-alpha was measured by a solid-phase sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit. The mean BMI in HIV-positive patients with wasting (group 1) and without wasting (group 2) was 15.192 +/- 1.142 and 19.507 +/- 2.457, respectively, while group 3 and 4 had a BMI of 14.878 +/- 3.234 and 21.862 +/- 2.763 kg/m(2). The mean TNF-alpha level in group 1 was 50.864 +/- 99.13 pg/mL and 43.39 +/- 66.372 pg/mL in group 2. There was no significant difference between the two groups. TNF-alpha was significantly higher in the HIV/AIDS groups (group 1 and 2) compared to the tuberculosis group (10.74 +/- 7.854) and healthy controls (5.846 +/- 3.40) at p = 0.01. TNF-alpha was significantly (p = 0.002) higher in symptomatic patients compared to asymptomatic patients (16.03 +/- 7.61 versus 64.70 +/- 98.70). In conclusion, TNF-alpha levels were higher in HIV patients, regardless of the presence of wasting, compared to normal healthy controls of patients with tuberculosis with wasting.
PMID: 15857192 DOI: 10.1089/apc.2005.19.212



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