Counterterrorism Anti crime Today

Counter terrorism anti crime
The aspect of an attempt to refute the tracking of particles in the atmosphere and soil by introducing a particle disruption scan or beam to confuse and destroy the traces of particle integration in ecosystems.
The respect of systems integrated to remove pollution from the general atmosphere and in doing so may remove vital evidence.
The aspect of commercial air purifiers and screen which catch airborne pollutants.
In retrospect the decision to create the rebirth or reconstruction of atmospheric conditions due to particle arrangement reliving and re-creating particles previously displaced lost and destroyed in the atmosphere. Creating within an instant a particle analysis of an explosion or disruption with respect to alleviation of stress and trauma on the participants

The implementation of a force field or holographic shield which in reliving the disruption through animation reconstructs the scenario taking all vital evidence and microscopic criteria and placing it in its former context for examination only after investigation and sciences analysis
The reconstruction of the particles would hold form due to holographic suspension and form a particle figure with the parts of the DNA that had be destroyed being reconfigured.

This theory application advises in case of a disruption in particle status a elusive form of a construct or in any case a multi dimensional bomb.This counterterrorism effort attempts to rescue by design and DNA gestalt and configuration of victims of not only warfare but criminal atrocities as well as accidents natural and manmade seeking resuscitation and rejuvenation from dropped bombs gunfire anti aircraft guns moaning Minnie’s junker jus and current nuclear weapons debates over intercontinental missiles

Also the aspect of chemical or biological weapons would be looked at the aspect of containing the contagion within a force field hologram and teleporting the remnants from the victims to that encasement detox and rebuilding of cells life support scaffolds and regenerative biology through Epigenetic’s fast multiplication of DNA to lead to stem cell integration and of course anaesthesia

Application of this theory in rescue techniques could be applied to fire rescue with the burned component having molecular reversal of key constituents to revert to pre burn state and the separation by building a structural membrane which acts as a wall between burned flesh and recuperation of body tissue Smoke inhalation and separation of smoke particles from lung and surrounding areas providing a moving cushion of fresh air that is compliant with life saving and life preservation and overheating providing a temperature coolant according to need and fixating upon body temperature as a guide.

The aspect of covering the expanse of workplace hazards.All symbols denoting poisons explosions and other harmful elements and implications danger signals and countermeasures such as safety procedures and equipment working conditions and the aspect of respiration respiratory ailments and lung cancer soot viral pathogens and pollutants in the atmosphere coal gases and smokestacks as well as electrical hazards fuel and chemical explosions and rescue and recovery.


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