Out of the Box Thinking


Out of the box

Collaboration of intrinsic value that causes differential between receive notion of real activity due to product is the second decision to induce psychosis virtual consistencies to refer to holographic control sequences placed internally by frequency sonar laser sonics mentally to have control over reactions thoughts cognition and memory recall the overall aspect of collaboration in the area of the distinct reality
The possibilities of a method of augmented reality to be complemented by the notion of holographic implementation of the augmented reality the interface between the two being the implementation of freestanding projected holograms
Collaboration of the time signature to the allocation of all of graphic application in to time zones into the mechanism of phobic so reversing the application of trauma that is induced after an incident or experience and removing psychological triggers.
The freedom of individualized conceptual thinking for a group exercise that involves creative constructive thinking without borders.

Reminder of the headgear aqualung concept on Pinterest
The resulting product should have (among others) a switch that converts the technology into a resuscitative mode, ridding the lungs and belly of water and replenishing the air supply in cases of water intake.
The system should work in the water as well as on land and reflect the position that the aqualung although portable can adjust a sequence to comply to resuscitative effort and induce by impulse heartbeat and brainwaves for reanimation and rejuvenation.

See Research
It would involve the computer software technology of a synchronized time machine formulating a plan to revive rain circuitry along with respiration and heartbeat. Stimulation by frequencies to brain waves and cardiology. Respiration adaptations and gradual dependence on technology as life support lessened as subject becomes more self supportive knowing where and when to implement for greatest probability of success key.

for example-lifesaving pumpkins

Happy Halloween!



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