Dream interpretation

I just had a dream my niece Tricia had dyed her hair red as fire to symbolize her belonging in the tribe which has been long lost for many centuries as the girl guides sang who’s afraid of a dinosaur bird! I began o levitate around my great nephew William and we showed great feats of strength.
Soon it was time for me to travel to school which was blocked by a secret doorway to which the key could not be found I told the family of three young men And a father that ran a family store that I would break down the walls to get to go, you don’t want to do that they said.
As I was saying my niece dyed her hair red on the top and she was known as the anointed one but as for me I reverted back to infancy and was known for playing with the wheat floower and stem  given to me by my mom to draw pictures on the wall wheat buds and stem of which I told people grew a mile long in the prairies.
So I was known as prairie grass that grew a mile long
For an experiment I would like to see Barbados  and the rest of the Carribean and Canada team up with tribes of American Indians and genetically grow for example wheat that is cultivated from natural sources hybrid to the redwood and still flowering and edible.
And grows a mile long.
Thank you Dr. Gary Skeete

p.s. I think about the great harvest and the happy hunting ground in the dream I was being congratulated for my feats of strength by an army general.


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Concept for January 3rd 2017

Perhaps a conceptual tool for emergency workers to sustain life in transit would be a portable computerized unit or patch that essentially provides a holographic shield against infection and stops all kinds of unnecessary bleeding reduces the effect of trauma attempts to return pulse rate to normal and stabilize breathing and does so without putting a strain on the heart or other organs which in turn if damaged are too protected in transit.

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Self control

Proof of Mind Control a Mental Health Directive
Could it be that they are evident in society aspects of invisible chemicals that cause the body to react in a certain way so that humans are not really in control of their emotional state or their reaction state or the reflex actions rather controlled by chemical release of information within the body chemistry within their DNA by outside influences an element as it goes to prove in the following statements
The application of chemicals chemical dyes the application of chemicals in the atmosphere chemicals in the water chemicals in the air chemicals in plants chemicals in animals chemicals and pollution chemicals to deodorize to disinfect imagine these chemicals in the atmosphere covering a wide variety of the air on earth travelling in clouds in different places and not to mention the chemical warfare that is currently evident in Syria the aspect of new chemicals come into your country or do clouds of chemicals resurfacing
And servicing these compounds may or may not have been analyzed in labs The aspect of these chemicals infiltrated the body chemistry of humans causing them to react to sleep here spell paste feel a touch to respond to bed to physical reactions and responses to cause them to interact to cause the brain to function
Evidence of these chemicals existing in the fact that they are mostly invisible do not have any taste or smell at interact with humans and animals and plants a geological manifestations on earth as well as the atmosphere to formulate a plan for mind control for reflex action and for detailing you but interaction down to emotion and behavioural mechanisms the aspect of the mercury in fish the aspect of pollution in the atmosphere the aspect of lead in the water the aspect of milk being poisonous upon initial procurement only drinkable upon pasteurizing but suitable for calves the aspect of mad cow of the animal human relationship of that ailment as related to mental illness and tartive dykonisia and nerve damage
Adipose tissue fact but chemicals invisible to the eye mostly detected through means of control systems over investigations into chemical reactions with the body trace elements found of the aspect of the adaptations of solutions derived from various aspects of society to formulate a plan for distribution of chemical poison or mind control element within the body the aspect of the increase in cancer the increase of diabetes of increase in Alzheimer’s yet advances in science
Proof of these chemicals existing but as a child when you eat cereal it made you feel elevated or good to mix it with the milk and eat it the sugars-your intensity to fake and you begin to feel refreshed in the morning energized for the day finishing your breakfast what you could do so within your body sustain you for time to get through getting to school getting to class and that first initial interaction for studying memory cognition recall reflex action writing reading responding and interacting only a point conception of the cereal what you ate in the morning what you consume does the brain react this way there may be some delayed reaction if you did not consume the cereal some mornings but generally because you consume the cereal that was a response within the brain
As a child you used to eat cereal that cereal sustained you for an indefinite period of time until lunch your stomach felt good in the morning and you had enough energy to walk to school ride to school and do your lessons however upon lunchtime in your stomach a process called digestion began to complete it so in the vitamins and minerals in the cereal but you consumed be overall application was either going to the bathroom or/and replenishing yourself at lunchtime with more food to continue the energy of the day because the cereal made you feel good you reacted to certain way that certain reflex. Actions and cognition memory and recall
Some adverse reactions due to the chemical disposition of invisible elements but are controlling in some instances are violence disturbed thinking extremism rebellious and defamatory comments protests and dysfunctional behaviour crimes terrorism graffiti and riots
So in the haste to consume and get healthier to body build to exercise and to live a healthier lifestyle diets and food and nutrition consumables at that but which is invisible to the eye and oxygen in the oceans water in see you in pools what is a discovered in mosquito bites and allergies Gestational diseases what is yet to come in cancers in human diseases and interactions with new and exotic animals from this distant planets discoveries of overall aspect of learning to control the chemical elements have scientists biologists and doctors to perform the correct sequence of events to revert back to the original state of events for seeds plants roots were the aspect of returning to the genetic diversity which we had years ago to sustain us properly within the given timeframe
Preparation through genetic modification CRISPR and prevention anti aging and nutrition to be assured by communication assisted exercise and meditation sleep therapy and connected supportive environments and ecosystems.

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iPhones and iPads concepts

iPhone and iPad adaptations solar charging stations portable pads with long distance telescopic antennas for hard to reach terrain

Call them Mini Towers also include a projector and a holographic projection device.
Following Educreations and http://GitHub.com/garyskeete a plan to rescue and reconstruct events of the past in a controlled setting is surmised.iPhone and iPad adaptations solar charging stations portable pads with long distance telescopic antennas for hard to reach terrainCall them Mini Towers also include a projector and a holographic projection device.
Following Educreations and http://GitHub.com/garyskeete a plan to rescue and reconstruct events of the past in a controlled setting is surmised.iPhone and iPad adaptations solar charging stations portable pads with long distance telescopic antennas for hard to reach terrain
To features here being the connection between the holograms in the projector whatever is projected could be made into a hologram and focused in the area of space it read that dimensional means the adaptation being that the film or the pictures being predicted have to do with investigational sciences or an incident which happened in the past and is being reconstructed through three dimensional modelling mathematics
Will be outfitted to return from holographic stage to a normal stage of reconstruction the reanimated sequences reconstruct repair readjust realign rejuvenate recollect recombine events in the future and the past to formulate plans for DNA reconstruction reproductive reconstruction particle assimilation and self assembly and polymerization.
The antennae project a visible or invisible holographic grid of a satellite receiver into the air for reception globally

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U of T HIV and Tuberculosis


Links to document creating the passageway for tumor necrosis factor to be evident and to have a coalignment with the treatment mechanisms for proposed treatment of HIV and tuberculosis the mechanisms involved in microscopic criteria are analyzed and have form and function in the proliferation of the disease thereby creating the intrinsic  structure for treatment and analysis for the prevention and Possible cure of the disease the genetics involve be mathematics involved be calculated abilities of the proteins involved in the manufacture of the disease of the prevention of Genetic causes of  tendencies of the disease by blockage of certain types of epigenetics involved in the manufacture of DNA and RNA specific to the traits of the disease

AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2005 Apr;19(4):212-5.
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels in patients with HIV with wasting in South Asia.
Wig N1, Anupama P, Singh S, Handa R, Aggarwal P, Dwivedi SN, Jailkhani BL, Wali JP.
Author information
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha is thought to play an important role in wasting; but TNF-alpha levels have not been consistently found to be high in AIDS wasting. We conducted this study to determine any correlation between TNF-alpha levels and wasting in HIV-positive patients in a developing country. TNF-alpha levels were measured in four groups of patients: Group 1, HIV/AIDS with wasting (n = 25); group 2, HIV/AIDS without wasting (n = 47); group 3, HIV-negative patients with tuberculosis with wasting (n = 25); and group 4, healthy controls (n = 25). Wasting was defined as a body bass index (BMI) </=16.0 kg/m(2). TNF-alpha was measured by a solid-phase sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit. The mean BMI in HIV-positive patients with wasting (group 1) and without wasting (group 2) was 15.192 +/- 1.142 and 19.507 +/- 2.457, respectively, while group 3 and 4 had a BMI of 14.878 +/- 3.234 and 21.862 +/- 2.763 kg/m(2). The mean TNF-alpha level in group 1 was 50.864 +/- 99.13 pg/mL and 43.39 +/- 66.372 pg/mL in group 2. There was no significant difference between the two groups. TNF-alpha was significantly higher in the HIV/AIDS groups (group 1 and 2) compared to the tuberculosis group (10.74 +/- 7.854) and healthy controls (5.846 +/- 3.40) at p = 0.01. TNF-alpha was significantly (p = 0.002) higher in symptomatic patients compared to asymptomatic patients (16.03 +/- 7.61 versus 64.70 +/- 98.70). In conclusion, TNF-alpha levels were higher in HIV patients, regardless of the presence of wasting, compared to normal healthy controls of patients with tuberculosis with wasting.
PMID: 15857192 DOI: 10.1089/apc.2005.19.212


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Multiple forms of Altzheimers?

Conceptual theory the adults with that the genetic’s involved in Amyloid processing leaving to a deficiency in SAP could cause lupus fog the efficiency of APP in the amyloid process could cause Alzheimer’s dementia look up the similarity of the processes and be criteria which they announce it pronounce signalling and communication we may find a difference in the overall management of processes I find that the dissimilarity does not denote a familiarity with Alzheimer’s and lupus however I would like to announce and to put forth the scientific question could there be in fact more than one type of Alzheimer’s dementia ?thereby making it hard to diagnose the disease in one person and compare it to another person because of the dissimilarity of the processing which allows the dementia to thrive

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Needs explanation how there could be a cure for cytomegalovirus not a cure for Zika is it two diseases parallel them selves in microcephaly and somewhat in symptomology ?the advent of the birth defect be similar symptomology be parallels drawn in genetic transference Where are the genetic parallels for syphilis CMV herpes rubella and other microcephaly causing diseases in infants ?for Crispr cas 9 for the genetic scissors to implement strategies of genetic protocol when it comes to the management of healthy systems over disease traits the aspect of the foetus being surgically operated on noninvasively during ultrasound to prevent microcephaly and microencephaly

of sonar of frequencies of electrical impulses of sensors of encephalogram’s to permit function with holograms animation and interfaces of a non invasive computerized neuroscience surgery See Facebook website Chikungunya and now ZIKA in Barbados






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