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New Year

The overall look at research universities colleges medical centers and hospitals in Canada the US and Europe as well as Australia and Caribbean and Africa the overall look at the global outlook of topics of universities topics and medical centers … Continue reading

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Details documented

gary skeete Edit profile details From: gary skeete (garyskeete@hotmail.com) Sent: January-24-13 5:55:32 PM To: gary skeete (garyskeete@hotmail.com) The application of cartesian mapping for the delegation of three dimensional models that are designated for direction control and have within them descriptive … Continue reading

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http://www.research.ibm.com/labs/ http://www.almaden.ibm.com/cs/people/dmodha/SC09_TheCatIsOutofTheBag.pdf IT A.I computer systems artificial brain as connected by interface to neural networks of natural brain creating of course a neuron observance and mimicking human brain in every factor thought process word and deed this process visuals and … Continue reading

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Concepts 2013

Future uses for holographic screens particle compiler and transference 1the user would for example buy an ice cream cone at a physical store say Baskin and Robbins and then send it through the holographic screen to its intended destination good … Continue reading

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HIV study continued….

The posting of video confirmations with a link to Dr. Kang’s video at Western was done  to calculations document further documentation can be found on this website at ational institutes of health and at ashworthmedicine@blogspot at AIDS document linked by key words … Continue reading

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