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Researching HIV….

HIV cont, Suggesting  usage of  a combination of concepts to oversee the commitment of curbing tendencies in the  HIV virus…. The manifestation of acknowledgement of the biology The understanding that it should be reverse engineered The application of cancelling out … Continue reading

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The brain in its state of flux could be reinvigorated by the interjection of magnetism along the pathways that lead to memory consciouness visual and involuntary functions giving the patient a more relaxed approach to mental health, and to the … Continue reading

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HIV study continued….

The posting of video confirmations with a link to Dr. Kang’s video at Western was done  to calculations document further documentation can be found on this website at ational institutes of health and at ashworthmedicine@blogspot at AIDS document linked by key words … Continue reading

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Article…. The Toronto Star… drug resistant gonnorhea..tuesday july 12 2011

I was going to blog eventually again but not so soon, until this came today about half hour ago by means of my sister who carefully folded the article and placed it ina white plain envelope for me to open. … Continue reading

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The usage of protease inhibitors histone inhibitors and the correlation of having RNA as its primary target to coincide with the fact that the effect is not trivialized by the disease state. the fact of having the interactions working together … Continue reading

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National Institutes of Health….

Study on HIV http://www.niaid.nih.gov/topics/hivaids/Pages/Default.aspx Replication cycle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO24FvuehV0 Prevention of individual protein release (HIV proteins) prevention of release of viral RNA and proteins. Immobilization dissemination prevention of movement in cell surface. Analysis of immature virus examination for consistency cell division meiosis … Continue reading

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HIV and AIDS…. oppose by creating a Nemesis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68I7JlVhuhY Usage of reversal techniques to create a counter-agent for the dissemination and dispersal of the virus the complete analysis of what the disease can do and what techniques can be applied in vivo in vitro for the safe management and … Continue reading

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