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At the same time is it possible to connect through association through combinations through findings the adaptation of wording for DNA for molecules for a collective connectivity of cells the absolute representation of the possibilities incurred through the methods of … Continue reading

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New Ideas…. continued from Nov 2011

The addition and multiplication of a non volatile virus to encomass the realms of  active recombinant therapy along with partial compisitions of antigen antibody and prophylactic along with mutated strain  common virus and lab engineered prototypes of synthetic DNA RNA  … Continue reading

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HIV study continued….

The posting of video confirmations with a link to Dr. Kang’s video at Western was done  to calculations document further documentation can be found on this website at ational institutes of health and at ashworthmedicine@blogspot at AIDS document linked by key words … Continue reading

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Synthetic Robotic Sensors in Computerized Mannequins

Mannequins of all types human animal plant with sensors to tell of internal processes techniques and procedures state of health in mind and body and at times emotional state The functions of he sensors are to tell what is deemed … Continue reading

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For research purposes only ,universities medical centers labratories and researchers make the investment buy your products conduct business-help find cures. http://www.invivogen.com/index2.php Related articles Growing a better NIH (boston.com)

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Research additions…

How about the adherance to nanomedicine with the concept here being the spraying over a distance of solutions, microscopically to cover over a given distance. This could come in handy in case of metastisis to enclose the dispersal or to cover … Continue reading

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Where targeted and precise antibodies are manufactured to prevent genetic misinterpretation. mRNA becomes inactivated. Oligonucleotide.Therapy for a wide range of diseases including cancer Scientific Question Related to overall attempt at solving the dilemma of disease states if noted to be … Continue reading

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